Welcome to Barefoot Valley.  A space to access my naturopathically formulated balms and essential oil products.  My name is Val, but I am often referred to as Valley. I grew up in a household that embraced natural and herbal concoctions thanks to my mum ( thanks mum! )  but during my 30’s I slowly lost touch with that and I started to feel disconnected from nature.


My story starts in 2012 when I was diagnosed with early menopause, I was 35 at the time.  My husband & I had been trying to have a family since a year prior to my diagnosis. In fertility world I was on the wrong side of 30 so had to get a wriggle on, and looking back, I felt an immense amount of pressure from the start.  I underwent numerous rounds of IVF which involved lots of synthetic drugs, lots of miscarriages and emotional grief which manifested in overeating, so my weight increased dramatically .  During this time I lost touch with me and that deep connection I have with nature and the ocean. I surrounded myself with materialistic things and focused on work to the point of exhaustion. 

During this time, I started to yearn for a simpler, minimalistic, chemical free lifestyle and my instinct was to turn back to natural remedies & rid my world of excess.  I started by ridding my house of chemicals, this involved making my own cleaning products and subsequently an investment in essential oils.... and so starts the love affair!  I use EO’s for my emotional needs,  cleaning, healing properties, I even make my own deodorant!  I also enlisted a wonderful naturopath who has opened my eyes to the world of herbal medicine and its effective way to manage menopause along with meditation & self care.  I also started a minimalistic journey which I am still working through to this day.

I discovered a deep passion for herbs and essential oils. I started to do workshops and make balms, rubs and rollers for friends and family and creating herbal infused olive oils to deepen the healing properties of my balms.  This compelled me to make my offering accessible to everyone , a range of herbal & oil based products that help you reconnect with nature and reduce your chemical load.  This is how Barefoot Valley came to be.

  • Barefoot encompassed eco, low waste, low impact, tread lighting, minimalism 

  • Valley is a play on my name, and I also live on a farm called Rose Valley which is in a valley ( lots of valley)  I intend to grow and harvest herbs for my balms on the property.


I am excited to be able to share my journey with you, and hope you enjoy my products and blog where I will be sharing tips and tricks!  Once you feel the herbal magic there is no going back...…..

Valley x